Kimono Negative

Kimono Negative

100% Linen

Width 59’’

Repeat: 21.3’’ H x 12.3’’ V

Colors: Indigo, Bark , Miso, Arugula & Basalt


Kimono was inspired by a roll of vintage indigo-dyed Kimono cloth Katie discovered while poking about a dusty antique shop in Kyoto. The original design used a resist dye technique called Katazome in which a paste of rice flour and bran is applied to cloth through cut paper stencil before the cloth is then dipped into a vat of dye. When formalizing this pattern into a larger repeat, Katie deliberately chose not to overcorrect the wobbly lines that show the original artist’s hand at work. It is “the human touch” that gives this otherwise straightforward design soul and added interest. Kimono is printed on 100% Belgian linen in Switzerland.


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