Cloud Scroll Positive

Cloud Scroll Positive

100% Linen

Width 59’’

Repeat: 57’’ H x 10.1’’ V

Colors: Indigo, Walnut on Flax, Jicama, Bonsai & Fuji


While sifting through a stack of auction catalogs, Katie’s keen eye was enticed by one lot showcasing an 18th century Indonesian Batik cloth, the pattern of which depicted stylized waves with a particularly captivating tribal border. Interestingly, the original cloth would have hung as a banner during festivals or been used by warriors to wrap their helmets in. Katie immediately seized on the idea that the border would look incredible if scaled to 12.5” wide, the exact dimension required to apply it as a striking waterfall skirt on chairs and upholstery. Katie also loves using the border as a bold point of interest on pillows. Cloud Scroll is printed in Switzerland on 100% Belgian linen.


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