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Bonjour Paris !

During my recent trip to Paris, I spent from early morning to well past midnight pretending I was moving there and needed to get up to speed pronto to become "quelqu'un qui connait" (someone who knows) all the things there are to do, see, eat and shop for right NOW. So , upon my return with all of my bags and boxes, I could relax and get down to the business of living like a local without losing a baguette beat. (These are the imaginary games that keep me going when treasure hunting in a new or once familiar haunt.) So, chop chop, here are my speed demon finds I discovered again or for the first time in the ever-stylish and mesmerizing City of Light after far too many years away. Turns out Paris still possesses its' addictive charm , so I hope my long list of current "Parisian Favorites" will inspire you to add to the list by going and wandering about yourself.

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Cuba: Old Havana

Old Havana is a city still suspended- for the moment- in time, so I urge you to go NOW before the changes brought on by a bourgeoning tourist trade and foreign investment by China and India in property development begins to be seen and felt. It's crazy fun to wander around and take in the friendly, local life and the colorful, faded glory of the architecture as well as explore the cultural centers and private art galleries that are popping up. Our group arrived a few days after Castro had died so the country was in a state of mourning with no music or dancing allowed, which must have been very difficult for the Cubans who take their salsa and music very seriously. Thank goodness rum (and tequila for me) was still served at our hotel and at all the restaurants we visited (all surprisingly yummy btw).

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Farrow & Ball Adventure Part II

I had always wanted to visit Blake's Hotel in South Kensington, so was delighted to learn that we'd actually get to stay there for the remainder of our trip, while we tore around town taking in the design and art fairs, antiquing, going to museums and of course, eating, drinking and carousing along the way.

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Farrow & Ball Adventure Part I

What an honor to be asked by Eileen McComb, VP of Farrow & Ball Brand Engagement, to join their American Advisory Council along with five fellow American designers from New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Dallas. All of whom, turns out, are terrific travel companions- game, energetic,curious and ready to go, go, GO! We traveled to England for a week of inspiration, insight, good times, and- believe it or not- mostly good September weather!

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A New Adventure!

Why the blog? What pops pressingly to mind is my desire to share the vibrant joy I feel when seeing anything of beauty- an artwork, an object, a place, an arresting expression on someone's face- and the pleasure I take in meeting creative people, most especially those in the arts and worlds of craft and design who in turn inspire me in my own creativity.  My fantasy is that through sharing these experiences and resources I will, in some small way, infuse others with like-minded delight and curiosity about the highly creative nature of the universe and of businesses devoted to adding beauty to the world.  I'd love to help forge meaningful connections between people, places and things that maybe weren't there before.  In that spirit, thank you for joining me here at the beginning of this new adventure.  The more the merrier!

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