Riec s/ Belon


Artist: Leon Esperance Broquet (French 1869 – 1936)

Date of Origin: circa 1930

Medium: Original Stone Lithograph Vintage Poster

Size: 47” x 63”


Humoristic poster for the French restaurant Melanie in Riec sur Belon, a commune in the Finistère department of Brittany in north-western France.

Named for its founder Melanie Rouat who ran it through WWII, a mother of six children widowed at the age of 36. Rouat started a grocery store, haberdashery and café, before expanding her store to a Michelin star restaurant and 9 room hotel,  with a specialty of oysters from Bélon.

Today, the building  houses the Espace Mélanie Media Library (MEM), which was inaugurated in March 2015.

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