Monopol Biere de Charmes – Yellow Beer King


Artist: John D’Ylen (French 1866-1938)

Date of Origin: 1924

Medium: Original Stone Lithograph Vintage Poster

Size: 78” x 123”


This is the larger, three-sheet version of this vibrant beer poster. Circulation was much lower for this format than the standard French Grande.

After several years as a jewelry designer, D’Ylen (born Jean Paul Beguin) became a full-time posterist in 1919 and signed an exclusive contract with Vercasson firm in 1922. He may have owed the job offer to the fact that he was a sincere admirer and disciple of Cappiello, who was the previous star at Vercasson, and thus the firm was assured of an uninterrupted flow of designs of unbridled exuberance.


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