Silver Lake Blue Khotan 8′ x 4’2″


Orgin: Mongolia

Dimensions: 8′ x 4’2″


Design: Khotan

Material: 100% Wool-pile

Color: Sky Blue, Rust, Beige, Gold




An epitome of history, character and culture, Antique Khotan rugs add richness to a room. Produced in Khotan, an area situated along the silk trade route in the southern region of Xinjiang , these rugs reflect the intermarriage of cultures. Straddling China and Mongolia, these rugs incorporate Chinese and Tibetan designs as well as Persian, Turkish and Turkoman from father west.


A cross between nomadic and village, eastern and western, the designs of Antique Khotan rugs are flexible for any decor. Highly sought by collectors these rugs are prized pieces meanwhile providing a luxurious touch to any room.

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