Roses and Tarmac


Margaret Kennedy

Acrylic and Oil Stick on Canvas

60” x 66”


In the words of the Artist: 

“The light and air I find in nature while painting plein air studies is what I seek to translate into large abstract works. While the abstracts have no subject, they embody the same notes, rearranged and simplified, making new and vibrant music. Recently I have incorporated markings in aluminum leaf, creating a subtle kind of motion. In morning light the silvery marks almost disappear, then, just walking by, they become animated, dancing with reflections, different with every change of light. My work  is alive with interacting color, graffiti markings and pentimento layered in underpainting. I want you to see what lies underneath, what came before, to enable ongoing conversation with each painting.”


Please call with any inquires: 646-707-3569


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