Island, 2021


Dimension: 66″x66″

Oil on Canvas



Iris Kufert-Rivo is a geometric abstract painter with a studio at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City, NJ. 


She received her Bachelor of Science from Skidmore College and a Master of Fine Arts from Bard College. The Structure Series explores pattern and repetition of forms inspired by the urban community in which she lives. The painting process is paramount to her creative experience.  Made without the use of a brush, Iris uses palette knives and straight edges to propel the pieces forward. These works relate closely to the artists’ observance of the world she lives in and the climate of the culture around us. 


Iris Kufert-Rivo has been a painter for over 40 years.  

Her works have been exhibited at Waterhouse and Dodd (NYC), The Painting Center (NYC), Hidell Brooks Gallery (Charlotte, NC), George Billis Gallery LA (Los Angeles, CA),  Dune (NYC), One West End Gallery (NYC), Art Miami Fair at Art Basel (Miami, FL), Red Dot Fair at Art Basel (Miami, FL), San Francisco Art Fair, Newell Gallery (NYC), The Morris Museum (Morristown, NJ). She is represented by Waterhouse & Dodd NYC/London and George Billis Gallery LA.  Iris Kufert-Rivo resides in Jersey City with her family.

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