Poster size: 45.5″ x 76.5″

Dimensions with frame: 62.25″ x 91″

Frame: silver leaf frame with an inset black lip and an aubergine linen border

Medium: Original Stone Lithograph Vintage Poster

Artist: Hugo d’Alesi


c. 1904


The Griffon Bicycle Company, established in 1898 by Eugene Peugeot, built their first motorcycles in 1902 using one of their bicycle models as a basis to which they fitted a Zedel engine. Development was rapid and racing success followed. In 1904-the year this large, vintage French poster was designed by D’Alesi-one of Griffon’s machines achieved the astonishing speed of 65 mph! Privateers-like the dashing man depicted-simply could not lose the competition. D’Alesi shows off his love of the panoramic sweep of seaside here, inviting the viewer to buy a bike and get away from the daily grind. But-just think- invest in a poster and you can time travel every day without leaving the comfort of your home!

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