Lushness Print


Jessika Cardinahl

Print on watercolor paper

Several sizes available


Artist Statement: 

“My work is very much the same as a musician writing lyrics to a song or a writer writing a story.
Every painting tells a story.
I was very much influenced by fairy tales and fables as a child and took to the imagery of nature and in particular to the imagery of animals.
I loved being swept up into that world.
They became my friends and gave my soul a place to rest and tumble around.
The work is poetry with color and brush strokes.
My artist kitchen is filled with yummie ingredients, I delight in dipping into.
Every piece is a unique and magical experience with
often recurring characters, who show up and surprise me.
I hope to achieve beauty foremost and a sense of
home for the soul.
If I can live in world with unicorns why won’t I.”


Please call with any inquires: 646-707-3569