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Copy of Circa 1500 Manuscript by Abigail Vogel


Get transported into the wonder of the natural world with these lovely paintings in gouache by Abigail Vogel. Inspired by the rare book  ‘The Hemlingham Herbal and Bestiary’, completed circa 1500, collected by Paul Mellon and now housed in the Yale Center for British Art. The book contains 95 drawings of flowers and trees, and 46 drawings of animals and creatures, including real animals (hare, horse), imagined creatures (dragon, griffon). Likely served as models or patterns for decorative work, including ceiling decoration, stained glass, woodwork, or as a children’s educational primer.

In an introduction to the 1988 facsimile edition, Paul Mellon wrote, “this picture book is a delightful rendering of what in 15th century England was known about the inhabitants of her fields and woodlands or what was imagined about the denizens of faraway lands.”

Measures 12.5″ x 14.5″ in deep dark blue frame, border gilded with real gold leaf.