1880 Wainscot Chair



Crafted by joiners in the 17th century, oak Wainscot chairs are immediately recognizable, with their broad, crested backs, extensive Gothic-style carving, and blocky joints. Early inhabitants of Colonial America, along with the first settlers, Wainscot chairs were not as common in Colonial households as were other types of simple chairs.  Wainscot Chairs are  associated with wealthier, well-to-do households.


Their name can be attributed to the German word ‘wain,’ for ‘wagon,’ and ‘schot,’ which was the ‘crossbar’ or ‘partition.’ We can assume the name refers to the wooden panel of a wagon resembling the broad back of the Wainscot chair, which was probably made of the finest oak, carved with care.

The Wainscot chair is now the official chair of Yale College presidents.


Dimensions: 21.5” W 19” D x 19” SH

Good vintage condition, joints slightly loose, faded cushion fabric

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